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“Family is everything to us and that extends to the ROAR Family, we push as hard as possible to give the best training experience, respecting every single person we meet along our journey” 

—  Love, AB & Kirsten Thompson

—  Name, Title

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ROARING Since 2018


We started as two, and those two had a vision, a passion and a drive to change the way training was delivered, so in 2018 we started our journey with our number one principle.....Treat everyone with absolute respect, motivate those in front of us and don't allow greed to take over.

Two became three, and that's when Leo and ROAR were born. We believe in having a meaning for everything, and that is why the birth of 'Leo the Lion' drove us to name the company ROAR. The growth of the ROAR Family has humbled us and we will continue to push ourselves.


The satisfaction of supporting someone and helping them become an efficient ROAR driver is an amazing feeling, and that feeling pushes us to grow the family further every day. 

The ROAR Family is more than a training company, they are a family who support each other, create opportunities and encourage each other. We believe in solutions, we support positivity and we always give first...

Love AB, Kirsten & Leo the Lion

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