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Equipment & PPE

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Awareness & Signs

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Manual Handling

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Hierarchy & Response

Health and


ROAR is proud to announce our new Health and Safety Workshop! 


In line with best practices and international standards, our workshops are designed to optimise your work environment and reduce the risk of injury. We offer Health and Safety Training to all industries and will tailor our workshops to your company's needs. 


Our approach is informative, easy to understand and most importantly, practical.   


What the General H&S Workshop includes:


Advice on Practical Approaches to H&S

Common Causes of Injuries

Risk Assessment 


Hazard Control – The Identification of Hazards and the Reduction of Risk 

Responsibilities in Legislation


Who needs Health and Safety Training?


In short, EVERYONE...


Every member of a team, regardless of industry, should be aware of health and safety procedures in their workplace. Together, let’s ensure your team is informed! 

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