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Working At


ROAR is now offering Working at Heights Training!


Did you know that if your team are working at a height of over two (2) meters from the ground, it is a legal requirement that they should be wearing protective equipment?


This course is designed for companies whose team works at height. The training is designed to reduce risk and enforce preventive measures, ensuring maximum safety for your team.


Our approach is informative, easy to understand and most importantly, practical.  


What does the Working at Heights Training Include?


  • Protective Equipment (Personal Protection Equipment)

  • Standards and Regulations

  • Fall Arrest System – Lifelines

  • Risk Assessment and Safety Principles

  • Inspections

  • Rescue and Emergency Procedures

  • Cleaning and inspection of Equipment

Who needs Working at Heights Training?


In short, EVERYONE who works at height.


Together, let’s ensure your team is safe when working at heights!

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