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U.K Standard Training


Cherry Picker Training

ROAR believes in people and believes in giving everyone our very best. You will be treated with the same respect and understanding. Our relationship doesn't finish at the end of training, if anything it's where it begins.

ROAR knows how important it is cover all aspects on your training, this is why we ensure all of our team are trained to the highest of standards, then sharing our knowledge on the your training course.

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Pre-Use Checks

Together we will show you how to safely check the Cherry Picker, which is vital.

Safe Controls

You will know how to use the controls safely from the ground and the cage.


Health & Safety

You will be up to date with all the health & safety, which is vital for any job you apply for.

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Safe Use

We will show you how to use the Cherry Picker, through practical Exercises 

What Licence Do You Receive?

The ROAR team are trained to the U.K Standard and you will receive your certificate license which is recognised Worldwide and valid for 3 years. The Licence can be extended anywhere in the world.

Who Can Do The Training?

If you are above the age of 17 and are eager to learn, then you are welcome.


How To Book?

We have made it easy peasy! All you need to do is click the WhatsApp link below and follow the steps to book your place.

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